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blue smoke, 300tdi.

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Hi everyone,

hope every one had good christmas,

day before christmas eve i had all the parts and got my mum 300tdi defender 90 going, started up for the first time in over a year

and was lacking it timing and chest, vac pump and looked a fair mess,

got it started, running sweet as a nut.. had an mot on christmas eve and it flew thought,

then went christmas shopping. and it started smoking more and more.

now in tick over it blue smoke, but clears up abit when the turbo cuts in.

i have triple checked the timing, put new leak off pipes on, didnt sort it out.

the only thing i can think off now is the head gaskit has split between the push rod and cylinder, the same thing happend with my 200tdi 90..

any one have a second opinion on this? before i go guns blasing with a new head gaskit and skimming the head!! lol



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The splitting head gasket was a 200tdi problem, the 300tdi gaskets don't go there. But it may pay you to take the head off anyway so you can check the bores. And it could also be that the valve stem seals have hardened and given up. At least on the 300tdi it is an easy job and you can re-use the head bolts.

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