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300 TDI Starting Problems


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Hi all, I’ve been having issues with getting my disco running when it's cold, I've changed the glow plugs so it shouldn't be those. The car turns over but just keeps winding over without actually firing. I've got my suspicions that it's the starter motor but can't be sure, is there a specific way of testing each area of the starting system?

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I had similar problems recently, so took this approach...

- Check for continuity between the battery +ve and the glow plug timer/relay mounted on the back edge of the main engine bay fuse box (the orange/black wire I think it was?)

- If this is OK, check for 12V across the first glow plug (the one nearest the back of the engine). Of course, this means switch the ignition on and run round with your multi-meter, or get one with longer wires!

- If there isn't 12V then replace your glow plug timer/relay

- If there is, the plugs are probably knackered, or there's something entirely different that's wrong


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Is it an auto? They are often pigs to start even in the hot weather we have here. I've only worked on one (I don't think LR imported any so they are very rare) and we had to keep letting the starter motor cool down and get the battery charged up. The only reason we could think of that it wouldn't start was that it had just been serviced and the diesel filter changed. With a manual 300tdi this is not a problem but with that electronic diesel pump it was.

Edited to add... Yes, I see from your other post on this forum that it is an auto. Well, you could always convert it to the manual pump. Not that that is a very helpful suggestion. Maybe some auto owners will be able to help you.

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