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Fuel problems


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Hi all, i have a little problem I hope some one can help with.

I have just replaced the chassis on my 200td1 90, and having put it back together im getting fueling problems, as soon as the engine is turned off fuel runs back into the tank down the return line. This causes poor starting. I replaced the injector spill pipes, as they were split, but the problem is still there.

The other thing is that as soon as my fuel gauge drops below 1/4 of a tank remaining the car runs a bit rough, specifically when reducing engine speed to idle i.e when changing gear etc, at this point it nearly stalls. it feels like fuel starvation to me but i may be barking up the wrong tree, just seems that the timing with the fuel gauge is too much to be a coincidence. topping the tank up fixes this problem also.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

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I have not had the fuel sender/pick up pipe off on a 200tdi but I do know that some are fitted with an NRV which if it has one may be faulty, some have also a filter on the end that could be blocked.

Also look at lift pump.

Just a thought.

Frax :huh:

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