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Full beam wont work?

Chris x

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Evening all,

Have just fitted some defender wings to my series 3.

All bulbs are now wired in, including the side repeaters but full beam refuses to work.

I get around 12.4volts to main lights and around 12.1volts through the the full beam wire.

Whenever I go to flash or put full beam on they wont light up. I know the bulbs work as when I connect them to the normal light wire to the full beam bulb wire they work?

So the bulb works with the normal wire, they must be earthed due to there setup and them working with the normal wire and im getting voltage?! Confused :(

Any ideas? Thanks :)

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What happens when you try full beam? does dipped beam go out?

I suspect this is an earthing problem.

Dipped beam goes out when trying to put full beam on permanently, but remains on when 'flashing'.

I need to attach the earth which comes out from the wiring loom and goes to the horn. Havnt tried it with that attached come to think of it.

Freezer - The wires on the series loom our the same colour as the defender wing wires. So I would assume it would be the same setup. Threw the old wings out a few months back so cant trace that back. :(

Will try the earth out tomorrow! ;)

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Well, still no luck, infact im even more behind now.

Maybe in my original post I should of said that when the rear fog light is on, and full beam is tried on permanently for what ever reason the fog goes off. But when flashing it remains on. :huh:

Anyway, my auto electrician (Dad) :lol: seemed to think the fog swtich may have been wired up wrong, so swapeed two of the wires around. The indicator stalk then started smoking so we quickly unplugged the swtich. The headlights now only work when trying to flash the full beam :rolleyes: and turn off when the arm pulls back?!

Tomorrows job is to rewire the rear fog so it doesnt interfere with anything else and to try and dig out a spare stalk.

We did however take the headlight apart and did get voltage for the full beam wire across the earth for the headlight (when trying flash and it on permanently before we blew it up), so it doesnt make sense. That was trying it with three working H4 bulbs.

If anyone can shed any light on the above or have any ideas it will be appreciated!


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