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300tdi Turbo

Chris x

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I have just fitted a disco 200tdi engine to my Series 3.

A quick browse on ebay tonight and someone is selling a 300tdi turbo local fairly cheap.

They look the same from what I can see, but would the 300tdi turbo fit my 200tdi?

Would be handly having a spare, but would like to know if it would fit before I bid! :lol:

Thanks! :)

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not without modifications to the exhaust, air intake pipe work, dipstick. you would need the 300 oil pipes and some other bits, though it is possible.

If i can find the link there is a fairly decent description plus pictures of a 300 turbo being put on a 200 disco engine in a defender. not quite the same but gives you an idea.

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But why are you doing this? The 200 turbo works as well as the 300 version so you are throwing your money away. If you want the boost of the 300 you can just tweak your injector to the same boost value. Better spend your cash on something else like a bigger intercooler.

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