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Air suspenion problem


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Hi all,

Sorry it been a while, Lots has happened over the 8 months. And now we have done 13,000 mile since April and the air suspension is playing up alot. I noticed while in work that the back of the car looked low so I decided to have a look as the pump was not working no longer. So looking for fuse's and relays and my wife had found a 30amp link fuse had blown so I replaced and it worked fine. And now a week later it happened again the fuse has gone. When I replaced to fuse it worked fine But I did notice that as I start work at 7am it has been freezing here upto -8 and I have read that this freezing weather could be a cause of it. I really don't want to pay for LR dealer just to tell me I was unlucky.

Can I ask what else could cause the fuse to blow? She don't sink over night so she holds air it just takes a few days for it to even notice she is going down. So to keep it up I link the blown fuse till she reaches her ride hight. (I know I should not do it but I need the car to get to/from work as no one else lives in the same area as I do that does the same shift) I got/get no warning lights and I'm just about to change the ACE fluid under the bonnet. But I wait till this fuse is sorted.

Many thanks JJ

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Check the filter behind the NS rear lights. Mine had got soaking wet and then frozen solid, meaning the pump couldn't suck any air so was stalling and blowing the fusible link.

I've now made a little shroud to stop water getting into it (although TBH I can't see how it got in there in the first place).

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you may have to join the ranks of the coil spring brigade. As to replace both air bags with coils costs the same as one air bag - let alone the cost of the pump - it is no wonder that so many have had this done. Air suspension is silly complicated stuff that cannot work for long without huge bills. At least on a Disco you can chuck it out.

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/\/\/\ hmmmmmmm

nothing wrong with air suspension and it isnt that much more costly to maintain than springs. And the benefits of having air far outweighs the negatives. I love the self levelling suspension, offroad lift, squats down at a press of the button for loading the boot up, its ability to tow heavy loads perfectly with stiffened rear suspension to cope with the extra weight, soft supple ride when unladed etc etc etc

combined with ACE, its a brilliant system.

air bags dont cost much and if you use genuine they last a long time. If you dont get 80-100k out of them you are doing something wrong - possibly driving around on broken glass dust and not cleaning them!!!

the pumps are simple and cheap to find replacements (from all them idiots sticking coils on the back) and the pipework is just that, a bunch of air pipes!

make sure everything is clean and lubricated and it'll start working properly again.

oh and ignore the coily girls ;) they're just jealous of your funbags.

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I changed my 2001 Td5 to coils last January . Had been working OK but in the middle of the cold snap we had it began dropping to the axles every mile or so . Checked all I could - bags weren't leaking . Height sensors etc looked fine (not seized etc ) .

So I changed to coils - but left everything in place so it would be easy to go back to air again.

I take the point about it being a good system if looked after - but if you have the family on board on a bad/cold/wet night the last thing you want is to have the Disco drop down on the bump stops . And here we have no option but to go to the main dlr for a lot of our parts - and they ain't cheap .

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