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rrc tc question with difflocks

ricky tango

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hi guys thinking aloud here so bear with me,

ive got a rrc with abs & tc

i am in the middle of fitting kam diff locks front and rear

is the traction control going to interfere with the difflocks as the diffs would naturally be biased by the tc system and when one side is locked the other side would be free to spin

but obviously with the diffs locked the tc kicks in and hits the brakes on one side all its going to try and do is to try and break my half shafts which are aerospace :D

i would love to remove the abs but just dont have the funds until mid next year

thanks guys


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The TC works by comparing wheel speeds and brakes the spinning wheel, with everything locked everything is spinning the same speed so the TC probably won't even kick in. I wouldn't bother removing the ABS, a lot of faffing with plumbing & electrics for no real gain. Could be an issue come MOT time too as they can expect the ABS (& dash warning light) to be fitted & functioning.

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I had TC in my Defender and then fitted front and rear ARBs. In theory fridge is right, and the TC shouldn't kick in with everything locked. In reality, it sometimes did, so I removed it.

Easiest way is to remove the fuse, better still to put a relay in series with the fuse to cut power when the lockers are operated. No real cost either way.

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