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Part Number / Manufactuer Number Needed

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Can anyone now move this to a Bosch NGK Champion etc plug pert number ? :unsure:

Come on now

Don't be shy :lol:



That is what mine has and I am almost sure they are a different physical size so will rattle a bit in your spark plug holes. Will try and find one of my old ones tomorrow and check it against a "normal" one :) I know for sure the spanner is a lot smaller and I think the plug thread is too but wouldn't swear by that.

The RC11thingy is a Champion plug number by the way, and IIRC they are the wrong side of 50 quid for a set :blink: this platinum stuff they are coated with doesn't come cheap :ph34r:

On the plus side it starts immediately every time and runs like a sewing machine so I can vouch for the positive side of running non dizzy ignition :)

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OK here you go, on the left is a standard 3.9 plug Champion RN11YCC and on the right is the Champion RC11PYPB4 that fits my 4.0 (which has the "Thor" engine/Bosch engine management/four coil dizzyless ignition system)


Everything else is smaller except the thread and reach which is identical so the good news is that they will physically fit :)

According to the "spark plug bible" at work, the rest of the plug number is:

R - resistor

C - the physical dimensions 16mm head instead of 21mm; reach is 19mm and thread is 14mm same as the RN ones

11 - heat range

PYPB - Platinum tipped electrodes with insulator projecting 1.5mm and tapered off ground electrode (same projection as the YCC except platinum)

4 - plug gap 1mm which I make 39 thou in the old money

It says somewhere else that you mustn't adjust the plug gaps on these as jamming a feeler gauge in there will damage the platinum coating, and since that bit is what presumably costs £7 odd I guess you wouldn't want to do that :blink:

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