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Tubular wing bars

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Having damaged one of my wings again at Broxhead Common on Monday Im seriously considering getting a pair of these tubular wing kits, but would like to keep the standard(ish) look on the front of my 90. So which ones are best guys bearing in mind this isnt a competion vehicle? Well not yet anyway!

Have looked at the Whitbread off road ones so far and they do standard or ultimate, but which ones best....Fight!!! :P

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If you want to keep the standard(ish) look of a 90 then go for the standard ones.

I have the standard North offroad ones and not really had an problems with the tubular bumper in front of the standard wings hitting anything when competing.

So unless you are going to set the front winch back and move the rad back then the extreme ones don't add much.

The North offroad ones have lasted well over 2 years of competitions, I have scraped the pop rivets off against trees and bent the ali sheet a few times, but it is easy to take the sheet off and use a big hammer :D to flatten it and then remount it again.

One thing that North did that I like is to set the sidelights and indicators back at the same level of the headlights so that they don't get broken.

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We've got Whitbread standard tube wings, they've had some stick and apart from a couple of rippled panels like Zardos say's are easy to straighten out. Plus i prefer the standard ish look.


There not so shiney anymore but it's the best pic i can find.

post-14931-043104100 1293658818_thumb.jpg

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