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Discovery Gearbox Problems.


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Went out for a spin on Boxing day only to get some strange noises from the gearbox.

It has had a bad whine since i bought it last year.The whine has always been noisier as you went through the gears,5th being the worst.

So I cleaned the slush off the drive and pulled the landy on.

Started it up,Put transfer box in neutral,and put main gearbox into 5th and let it tick over.

All kinds of noises underneath,and it mainly sounded as though it were coming from the main gearbox.

So i got a screwdriver and ear on it,it was noisy all over but when you listened to the input gear it seemed pronounced and knocking?.

What are the chances that the bearings have gone on the input gear.?

Maybe just wishfull thinking though.

It is a bit of a pig to get up to as well,you can get in ok but i am not sure about withdrawing that outer shell from the front bearing with the transfer box in situ.

has anyone ever managed to do it?,By manufacturing a special extractor.

I suppose the next step is to remove the cover,but i don't suppose i will see much,without taking the gear out.

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my bearing on the input shaft went in the beginning of december the noise was getting louder and eventually couldnt select any gears took gbox and tbox out once i removed the thrust bearing guide you could move the input shaft a good half inch up and down split the gearbox from the tbox to find the output shaft half chewed worn away it had done 130000 miles i picked up a 2nd hand box and tbox for 200 and shes now back up and running chris.

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You don't say what model of Disco you have so I assume it is a 300tdi or V8 with the R380 gearbox. The fifth gear is the weakest point on this gearbox so it will be the 5th gear and the associated bearing that has had it.

(Don't blame LR, the same applies to most 5-speed gearboxes made today). A good tip is never to tow a heavy load - horse boxes or boats - in 5th uphill, change down and use the much stronger 4th gear set.

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I stripped the input gear out today.

Found the outer bearing in pieces,All lying in the bottom of the transfer box.(Part of the cage and 7 rollers).

We managed to extract the outer shell of the inner bearing with the tranfer box in place.(Made an extractor).

2 new bearings and Bob's yer uncle,Job done.

Like a rolls royce now and it cost all of £20. :)

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