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Reverse light stuck on


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Hi All,

Wife just rang me to tell me she has been pulled by local plod, who informed her that her reversing light was stuck on.

Apparently its on even when the ign switched off.

Helpful plod removed bulb and sent her on her way.

Vehicle is a 300tdi auto (1996)

Any ideas where to start? am i right in thinking that the reverse light switch is also combined with the inhibitor switch on the auto box?



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Yes it is a combined unit you get to it from underneath the vehicle according to my Haynes/ LR workshop manual.

Reverse light switch is an integral part of start inhibitor

switch. It is located on left hand side of gearbox,

accessible from beneath vehicle.

1. Place vehicle on suitable ramp [hoist].

2. Disconnect battery negative lead.

3. Disconnect multi-plug.

4. Release clamp bolt, remove clamp.

5. Remove switch.

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