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electrical problem td5

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hi all. iv been building this td5 defender for a while iv got the full wiring loom all in place. engine as well. when it came to putting the the wires to the battery some of the lights came on on the dash. but the ignition was off. does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be thats causing this. it was the oil light, abs , battery and the exclamation mark in the circle (forget what its called)sorry bout that.. any help wud be much apprieciated.


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hi cheers for your replies. when i bought the loom there is one of the pins is without a plug on it. there is one plug on the loom which isnt plugged onto anything. but it seems or id think it is for something else as it has a longish wire coming form it. any ideas. should it not be plugged into anything maybe (the pin on the ignition switch that is)?

cheers again


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