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td5 sender unit wiring plug

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If you mean which of the multi-plugs at the bulkhead end has the power wires in for the fuel pump unit, then I think it's the black one, should have a large (ish) purple/white wire and maybe a solid purple one too.

See first picture in this post : http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=59892&view=findpost&p=526447

The sender unit wire (for fuel level signal) is in the grey one I think. Should be reen/black.

Bear in mind the loom in that post is a ROW-spec loom, so only has the solid purple wire for the rear 12V aux point, no power for the fuel pump as ROW-spec vehicles only had a sender in the tank and no fuel pump as per Td5s. The plug is the same though.

A copy of RAVE is invaluable for things like this :)

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