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pos temp sensor fault on 3.9 serp ?


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Hi all,

Got a fault developed on the disco recently.

When cold the engine starts fine (on petrol) and ticks over. It will drive away ok (still on petrol) but as soon as you accelerate hard or give it a heavy throttle the engine bogs down. (all still on petrol)

As soon as the engine starts getting warm (5-10 mins) its fine and revs freely and pulls well at any throttle.

Is there a temp sensor that would cause this ? (thats my gut feeling)

The engine is a 97 3.9 serpentine


Single point LPG

If I let it tick over and warm up before I drive off its fine (5 mins) but I sometimes work really odd hours and my exhaust is a bit fruity :ph34r: I love the sound but I can see it wearing thin with the folks next door at 4 in the morning :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Any ideas or pointers gratefully received


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Thanks for the reply,

I didn't think that the MAF was controlled by temp though?

I might have a spare in the lock up will swap it out and see all the same. Have to say I felt sure it was a temp sensor thing affecting the mixture richness or fuel delivery in some way, will go through the haynes one more time !!!


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