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Disco 2 front bumper


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Hi guys and gals, new to the site and new to Land Rovers.

Recently bought a Disco 2 2001 x reg and am so glan i did,,,,problem is after only having it for a week i went to the local shops and when i came back some kind.....person......had hit my motor smashing driver side indicator and ripping off the front bumper tearing it so it now needs replaced.

Any ide where to go for a new or second hand one in black, or i may just let the insurance sort it as there is some minor damage to the front wing too.

Cheers peeps and have a happy new year one and all.....( except the scum who hit me and drove off without so much as a not, you dear sir for all i care can DIE of syphallis )

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it depends on your finances/ time and personal situation

you can try a local scrapyard or a landrover breaker, It depends on how bad the damage is, and how much work you want to do

Also if you get insuarnce involved you will have to declare it for the next 5 years, and it will affect your premiums etc

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Ebay is probably your next best bet. I would expect an indicator to set you back around £20 or so and the bumper probably nearer £80 so around £100 in total. The only thing that may need more attention is any mounts that may be bent/damaged behind the bumper otherwise it will be a bolt off and bolt on operation.

As an aside you may depending on your finances and future ideas for your motor use this as an opportunity to upgrade to a heavy duty bumper of some form. There are some nice units around now from around the £250 mark.



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I had my bumper dammaged in a car park after alot of lookin around I decided to get a off road tubular bumper and a steering guard cost me about 300 quid for all of it and Xmas eve it had it's first test when a Clio reversed into me one nice smashed rear window on the Clio to which I looked at the disco and it brushed of it's attack lol

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Kind of depends. If you want to keep it original, or make it more "rugged" (and better ground clearance)... You have 3 options (to state the obvious!): replace with original; replace with an aftermarket item; repair the existing...

I thought there were other issues with a non-standard bumper on a D2...like hiding the washer bottle?

Another thought would be to get your bumper repaired using a Plastic Welding firm. A lot of motorycles have plastic fairings, and plastic welding is a popular repair to overpriced japanese plastics on motorbikes. See

http://www.steve-edwards.com/plastic.php for instance.

Otherwise place an advert on this and other LR forms in the "Wanted" section, and watch ebay/gumtree...

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i like the tp4x4 bumpers - as they cover up the washer bottle and look a bit more 'standard' than a whacking big tubular thing - sort of a judge dredd sleeper style



he'll certainly be getting my business when i replace the bumper on the wifes D2 when i get a few quid together.

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