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make my 2.5na faster


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Hahhahahaha sorry it is new years eve isn't it and not april fools day???

Yes as above it is not worth spending money on, so put a 200tdi into it.

The 2.5td was a turbo charged version of what you have and is unreliable and over stressed.


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Empty it of all non-essential things, and make sure you're going down really steep hills with a good wind behind you!

Seriously though, having owned an ex-miiitary N/A 90, there's really not much you can do, the engine is designed to go like it does, which is slow and plodding but easy to fix and reliable, if you want more speed it's either a new engine or a new car!

I did see the new Bloodhound SSC has a rocket fitted to take it over 1000mph though.... worth thinking about a mad project perhaps? :P

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I don't think anyone wanting pure speed (after having been 'checked' for buying a beam-axled brick on wheels in the first place) would want to fit a 200Tdi! Sure it would make it drivable, but I wouldn't got as far as to say it would be fast.

Fit a 4.6 V8, EFI, from a Range Rover and pack a spare pair of underpants :)

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quite a few things to do.

1. Make sure the timing is absolutely spot on-use the timing pins in the flywheel/fuel injection pump.

2. Remove the resonator tube on the inlet side of the air filter housing.

3. Rotate the upper filter housing away from the manifolds and towards the inside area of the wing, fit either a series3 wing inlet in the side of the wing or TD5 Defender headlight surrounds but drill a hole behind the vented area of the surround-to enable cold air in towards the inlet.

4. Fit non-Pintaux injector nozzles from a Peugoet (cant remember the actual nozzle code-its written down somewhere), harder to start when cold but make a slight difference otherwise.

5. Biggest difference and one that has avoided me fitting a Tdi so far is to change the cylinder head. Ricardo engineering of Wolf/XD military Landrover fame developed a different cylinder head with enlarged and free-er flowing ports for the NA/TD-it has a different casting number to the earlier heads. Makes a huge difference to the low end torque, holds onto gears a lot longer

6. Turn the fuelling up-dead easy but be aware of cracking the pistons/head if you get carried away.

7. Give a good Italian tune up, mine gets clogged up doing the 7mile commute to work after awhile but always feels a lot better after a decent motorway journey

A mid silencer replacement pipe is available to be dont bother-it reduces low down torque quite a bit.

Other than that lot-its replace it with a Tdi time, but the NA is a bulletproof engine with cheap parts, mines pulled my heavy overland 110 with no probs over a good few miles.

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