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Rear wash


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I have a TD4 commercial on a 52 plate.

My rear washer has never worked since I bought the vehicle, I've checked fuses etc so assume it's the pump.

Can anyone tell me how to get to the thing, which I assume is on the bottom of the washer bottle in the wing?

Seems like a bumper/wing off job?

Happy New Year to all!

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I'd definitely say it's a bumoer off job.

Attached below is a picture of the bottle in situ on mine, and I can't see how you'd get to it any other way.

post-1323-037314400 1294169280_thumb.jpg

Really helpful piccy Darren - thanks!

I thought it would be further back - so bumper off when it stops pissing it down - that should be fun!

Hopefully it's a bum connection as I found that the inner access cover was missing under the wheel arch and the whole thing was full of muck.

Good to clear that out anyway.

Did you have a bit of a shunt with yours - hence the bumper removal?



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Well I managed to strip the bumper off and check out the rear wash pump. It did have a loose connection which was easily fixed, but still no wash reaching the back screen.

So I got an airline on to it and tried to clear any blockage - 100psi wouldn't force anything through!

I even took off the rear wheel carrier to access the connector at the back, all clear there.

I occurs to me that there may be some sort of no return valve in there to stop the liquid syphoning or running back.

Any ideas?

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for the diagram - very helpful!

Yes the non return is at the back inside the centre of the wheel carrier wher the hose meets the rear wiper arm. I saw it and tested it - but thought it was a fancy joint! Water/air passes that fine, I tested it not connected anyway.

So it means a kink or blockage is in the harder pipe that is in with the wireing loom, nightmare to strip that out so I think I'll just keep a rag and a bottle of water with me!

Would have been so much easier to put a bottle in the back door to feed the back screen rather than 12ft of hidden hose!


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