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Why is nothing ever easy?


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I'm currently replacing the wheel bearings on my Disco.

The outer hub nut came off fine bringing with it the assorted shrapnel that was the outer bearing race but I cannot get the inner hub nut to shift.

Its not so much that I dont have a long enough pole but when I put pressure on the box spanner it slides off, tried a jack under it to support the rachet end but thats been no use so anyone any handy tips to get the swine shifted?

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Its a D1 I assume?

The inner nut should only be finger tight - as its the way you set the end float for the taper roller brgs.

If its tight enough to cause the boxspanner to roll off then you may have thread issues on the stub axle.

An axle stand may work better to support the end of the boxspanner?

If you have spare stubaxle nuts you could drill through the face of the nut -only to the point where the drillbit touchs the brg face then split it off with a punch..



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Thanks and yep, I know things should be a lot slacker than that :(

Threads should be ok as I stuck this one on in the summer and it wasnt a difficult fit then.

I was thinking along the same lines though I my get a 52mm socket to replace the box spanner which isnt too good a fit along with the new nut. So much for a one hour job :angry:

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Hammer and chisel is the normal way of getting stubborn ones off (also the bodger way of doing it without a box spanner or proper socket). Don't forget your eye protection! :ph34r:

Does tend to knacker them though, so be prepared to replace it. They're not particularly expensive

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