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exhaust manifold bolts


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I am putting a 300 turbo on a 200 disco engine in a 90.

(I do not want to get into a conversation on the pros and cons)

the manifold of the 300 is thicker than the 200. I therefore need to change the studs in the 200 head. Does anyone know if the 300 exhaust manifolds bolts are the same thread and will fit the 200 head?



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right i believe i have a solution. there are 2 lengths of manifold stud I can fit the longer studs to where the shorter studs normally are, which should be long enough (Ill have a look this morning).

There were 2 longer studs where the heater pipe was clamped on with a second nut on the manifold studs. Does anyone see a problem with missing out the second nut and just putting the heater pipe bracket between the manifold and first nut? This should give me the length I need.

Also, Am I ok re using the exhaust/inlet manifold gasket or should i remove the inlet manifold and replace it? Going to order the parts tomorrow so if someone could get back to me that would be great.



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