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A frame brackets to chassis


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Hello all and Happy new year to you , I have a question regarding the brackets that hold the A frame bars on the chassis ie: the ones that have the 3x nut's and bolt's on them, the bolt holes in my 90's Galv'd chassis and also the chassis on the one I have elsewhere both have M10 bolt's in them, and the thing is that both the sets of brackets I have-have a 10mm hole and also 2x 13mm / 1/2" holes in them-I measured this with a vernia, does anyone have any idea why this is-as the bolt's are supposed to be M10 x 45 I'm a little concerned as this maybe have been contributing to the rear steer that I was experiencing earlier on before I changed the arms over for ones with good bushes in until I can get hold of some new bushes later on, I know the bushes were busted and I needed to change them anyway-after doing this it seems to have stopped doing it as much as it was before but I'd still like to know about the bolt's and if i've either got worn brackets and need to get some new ones or should they actually be 1/2 " sized bolt's in there instead of the M10's in there as they are now?

Thanks gents

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Tolerances for the fact that they made in britain more like David...LOL!!!

I fitted mine only last week, and i can confirm that the holes in my new galv chassis matched those in the new chassis, so you can stop worrying...... the manufacturing process abviously allows for the fact that the castings and chassis' are made by different people, the one 100mm hole makes sure its in the right place, and the other two need to be 'nearly right'....!

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