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Discovery 2 axles


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Just wondering if it was feasible or if anyone had already done it. Using Discovery 2 axles on a Defender 300tdi, but changing the hubs for the existing 300 series.

I have been told you cant just swap the hubs for 300series hubs so I was thinking changing the stub axles as well, welding up any bolt holes as required and redrilling new , but don't know about the drive shafts and whether the brake calipers would be reused, and the finer details , anybody with some firm information would be gratefully appreciated .

cheers Brian

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Sorry, can't help with your query, but I would ask why? Surely it is cheaper and easier to buy a set of disco 2 steel rims to fit your tires on? Then you can use the entire D2 axle? Or do you haver a cunning plan that you're not telling us about...? <_<

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Although I've not seen them recently, I've seen adaptor / spacer rings to put D1 wheels on D2's as well as D2 wheels on D1's. These would work equally well for a Defender.

Rakeway might be a good company to ask?


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