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Engine Dead???

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ive got a 2.5n/a diesel in my 90 at the moment with 136,000 on the clock.

a brief history of the last month....

over heated on the motorway when the water pump bearing gave up... it got hot but i pull over and got it recovered. changed the oil in it and have done a few small trips since and everything seemed fine.

on thursday i jumped in and tried to start the engine but the engine wouldn't turn over.... the starter was working fine but ther was a strange metalic bang when i tried to start it.

tried it half a dozen times and then the engine turned over very slowly but managed to fire up....... i thought the battery was low.

drove 15 miles pulled in to park up and as it was on tick over it sounded very lumpy.

turned off the engine and lifted the bonnet and was greeted by oil everywhere coming from under the rocker cover...... not just a little leak but puddles of it coming from both sides of the rocker gasket.

this was a new gasket a month ago and hasn't leaked before......so is something in the engine dead?

been away the last couple of days so ive not been out to try it or investigate.

but any ideas???........... probably a new engine.


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Agreed, it seems that one cylinder has something basically mechanically wrong, if you have access to a diesel compression gauge it would confirm this.

Take a close look at what the valvegear is doing before taking the head off.

It might not be too bad, don't write the engine off yet, unless you fancy a change anyway.

HTH.. Don

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