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Thermostat housing plug


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Hi people

Today I was doing a minor service and decided to top up the coolant through the bleed plug in the top of the thermostat housing. All went well but as I tightened it up the top of the plug sheered off and left the screw bit.

After pokeing and cutting with a stanley knife it finally came loose and shot down into the head. I know I should have put something inside the housing to stop this from happening, but it's too late for that. I blew into the header tank and pushed a lot of coolant back out of the head but I don't know if the plastic threaded bit came out or not.

Basically, where is this bit likely to end up if I run the engine? Water pump, thermostat housing or somewhere else?

Any advice will be greatly received.

Oh, and is it worth getting one of the brass bungs instead of a plastic one? I had a spare plastic one which I have put back in, but if a brass one is better then maybe I should get one?


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Take the thermostat out , you might be lucky and its there, if not water pump of and it might be lodged there, if not try blowing it out with the pump and themostat out and it might materialise. I wouldnt run the engine till you find it!

As for plastic plugs i would change for brass or as ive got the X eng ones, but bling but really easy to take in and out.

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I did the same thing. I had to take the thermostat housing off to find the bit which was lodged in a corner inside the head, so my advice is save the time you will waste farting about with it, get a gasket and take the housing off straight away. I would also not use it as if the plug blocks a waterway you could end up with local overheating, that was my logic anyway.

I also have the X-Eng ones though I had to get washers to put under mine as they would not seal. The Mrs' 110 has got brass plumbing fittings in, I changed hers after I had spent several hours fishing in the head for the remains of my plug, plastic plugs are now :banned:

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