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*Muckin Futters* Panhard Rod Bushes


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Now, i've had Polyurethane bushes of one sort or another on various vehicles for years, never had anything but good words for them. Currently got Deflex bushes in the Range Rover.

However, whilst out assisting the Doctor on a walking event this weekend, it became apparent that my steering was not all that it should be, the 1/4 turn of play at the wheel and the Rangies habit of wanderin gall over the road where it damned well pleased were a dead give away.

Whilst leaning out the window and looking at the O/S tyre, I waggled the wheel, MOT teter style, and the wheels moved, oh yes, but the car moved sideways too! I got a mate to waggle the wheel whilst I crawled about below, and it would appear that both bushes on the panhard rod have given up, there's 3/4" of side to side axle movement!

Now what to replace them with? I can get OEM rubber ones easily enough, and I can get genuine RH Polybush locally too. Never actaully used the RH ones before though.

Any thoughts?

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Go for polybushes.

I would never again use standard rubber bushes on a panhard rod. They seem to wear to quicly and are a PITA to fit properly.

Remember to fit, whatever bushes you do get, with new nuts and bolts as they have probably worn slightly to. If they have they will cause premature failure of the new bushes.


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Blue RH Polybushes obtained and fitted, it now steers again!

Nice one :)

As a point of interest, I was told by FamousFour when I polybushed the Range Rover that the blue panhard rod bushes are actually the same hardness as red ones - they found blue wasn't hard enough there, and apparently a lot of people were having custom kits made up with red panhard rod bushes anyway (in fact they told me this because I'd been recommended to do exactly that).

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It's interesting, the panhard rod must hammer them.

The rest of the vehicle is bushed with the yellow Deflex bushes, I've been over it with a large pry bar, and they seem fine, the panhard rod bushes were most certainly not though!

However, all sorted now, also changed both track rod ends, then treated it to £20's worth of wheel alignment, it hasn't steered this well in months!

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Think I need to take a really good look at my Rangie - just got a disco off my parents, and driving them back to back the steering on the Rangie is awful bordering on scary. I knew it wasn't great but I didn't realise it had got that bad...

I don't think it's the bushes though - power steering and one of the swivels are the main suspects. I'm pretty certain the power steering at least needs the backlash adjusted, but can't shift the lock nut, and the ABS sensor (which is jammed solid, courtesy of a cowboy garage) has gone out of range on left front, although I couldn't detect any movement in the swivel when I checked it.

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