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Help Needed with an Electrical Fault - Defender Headlights Stuck On

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Guys and Girls,

I'd be grateful for any help on this one:

Fault: Side lamps and tail lamps (i.e. those lamps illuminated when the "Switch Lighting" (stub lighting stalking on steering column) is set to the middle position) are permanently on whilst the battery is connected regardless of light switch and ignition configuration. With the ignition on the headlights are on in the dipped beam configuration. If the "Switch Lighting" is set to the middle or third (i.e. side lights or head lights) position the lights operate normally.

Diagnosis so far: The following items have been removed and/or tested and appear to have no effect on the fault - these items are outlined green on the attachments:

  • Fuse 1 from the engine compartment fuse box (removed)
  • Switch Lighting (removed)
  • White connectors on back of ignition barrel (removed)
  • Relay Dim Dip (removed)
  • Switch Column (removed)

Removal of fuse 2 in the engine compartment fuse box (outlined red) cuts the lights. The respective fuses for each of the side lights (outlined orange) when removed cut their respective lights.

It looks like there is a permanent feed coming from somewhere after connection C907-2, but I have no idea where and I can't understand why the lights still are on with the relay removed! Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


post-3629-053096200 1294058488_thumb.jpg

post-3629-058712100 1294058511_thumb.jpg

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