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Main beam keeps blowing fuses

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Hey up peeps,

I've just finished banging my head on the Landy with this problem without success and so I thought I'd continue banging it on the forums to see if I could fair any better.

I've got a 300tdi Defender 90 which until this winter has been dream. But as we all know, we wake up from dreams and reality takes a swipe! She's developed an electrical fault. When I activate main beam, the fuse for NS blows. Initially I pulled over, replaced the fuse and all worked well again for 2 minutes, then it blew again. Replaced it, same issue. I have 100W spots separately switched and fused, so thought it might be the problem. Set out this morning to solve it as follows:

Switched off Aux spots - fuse still goes.

Disconnected Aux relay - fuse still goes.

Checked the main beam feed to the Aux relay - everything OK. - I've ruled out anything to do with the Aux spots.

Since checking this lot out, the fuse no longer waits a couple of minutes, it goes immediately, whether the beam stalk is pushed forward (on full time) or pulled back (flash).

I've disconnected the NS headlamp - fuse still goes.

Cleaned and checked connections to the headlamp - fuse still goes.

Checked connections to the column switch - everything seems in order - fuse still goes.

So, now I need a big bag of fuses and some help! Has anyone here experienced the same thing? My next stop is to replace the column switch and see what happens, I also read that there's an earth under the wing somewhere that might be dodgy, what do you think?

It may be co-incidence but I replaced the battery a few weeks ago when we had the big freeze and since then, the water temp gauge tells me she's running a fair bit hotter (even in -10 temperatures) and this light issue has sprung up. Does it fit or am I just looking for excuses here?

Thanks for your help people

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Right where to start if your main beam circuit is popping fuses as you say the it sounds like you have a dead short on the wiring between the switch and lamp not trying to insult your technical knowledge but by dead short I mean a power feed is earthing out ie a chaffed wire start by checking the wiring and plugs for any signs of corrosion or burning out or splits! As for the temp change I had this on my 90 all I did was clean all the main earths and put some vasaline over them once cleaned and replace.

Good luck I hope this helps all the best adrian

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Guys, thanks for the replies and don't worry about insulting any technical knowledge, after a few hours of fault finding I'm surprised I can even remember my own name, let alone a fault finding procedure.

These are all good pointers, I'll set about the old girl again with renewed enthusiasm and let you know.



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