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How big?


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Hi there,

Its been a long time since I visited here (had several Discoveries & Defenders in the past) but the possible acquisition of a Discovery Td5 has presented itself so I have a question. I have a large dog cage which I need to fit into the back of the Disco. It measures (in centimetres) 105(L)x70(W)x74(H). Can anyone tell me if this will fit into the rear load space of the Disco and allow the rear door to shut without folding the back seats down? The model I'm looking at is the 5 seater so no rear dickie seats.

Thanks very much

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Had a quick rough measure of my 04 D2 - your height and width will be ok, but there is only about 80-85 cms in length with the height of your cage with the rear seats in use. The width of the back is about 100 cm (Mine is a 7 seater but I've removed the rear seats to put storage boxes in for the dogs stuff etc) so I'm not sure of the exact measurement of the 5 seater model with the LandRover boxes. Is it possible to put the cage in sideways if it has a side door?


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Thanks a lot for the info Bear. Yes, the cage does have a side door so that is an option but I was hoping to be able to put the cage length-ways in across the back and retain the use of the back seats. I've currently got a Ford Explorer which has sufficient width and length but not enough height! Maybe someone who has the 5 seat model could confirm the width between the storage boxes.

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