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200 Tdi Crankshaft Pulleys

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Evening all,

My crankshaft pulley assy has 3 pulley grooves and 2 belts, which belt goes in which pulley.

Further, the power steering pump has 2 pulley grooves, do I use the inner, larger one or the outer smaller one ?

Oh the joys of land rovering :D


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crank pulley

front groove for PAS Pump

rear groove for Alternator/water pump

centre for air cond pump when fitted

these photo's are my Defender spec 200tdi 3 groove crank pulley.

my PAS pump only has a 1 groove pulley, use whichever lines up best with the crank pulley front groove.

post-20-023759000 1294174405_thumb.jpg

post-20-030615000 1294174411_thumb.jpg

post-20-068845400 1294174418_thumb.jpg

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