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Have a go at doing it yourself and go to a glaziers like I did and get one for around £45.00, all it is is a piece of flat laminated 6.4mm glass that they'll be able to cut for you-once you remove yours and take it in for a template for them to use, then look at the thread on here regarding changing one and follow that: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=10250&st=0#entry107519


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I had to replace my Defender windscreen after smashing the original one when re-fitting it :rolleyes:

I got a Defender screen from my local Land Rover specalist for £50. Spent more time fitting it, lubricating the seal and frame and getting my old man to help me! :D

Went in fine and cost £50. Depends if you want to risk fitting it.

Suppose you could try and source one for £50 then give a window fitter some cash and get it done on the cheap!

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I would get them to fit it, at least then if they break it you wont incur extra costs. If you are going to fit a new seal at the same time it is much harder!Especially if you have a roll cage and snorkel in the way like me. It took me and the guy from autoglass nearly 1 1/2 hours to fit with a new seal. Should only take 30-40 mins with the old seal.


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Arent too bad to do, struggled at first, mainly as i was being stupid, however, after 20 mins of faffing I mananged to get it in with a friend in no time using the old string in the seal method.

Cant you remove you snorkels pete? as they will almost definately be in the way looking at the pictures of your truck...

Good Luck :P

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