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Southdown Snorkel and challenge wings

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I had a Safari Snorkel on my truck a while ago before i fitted and roll cage and challenge wings, since then the snorkel has been in the shed as it doesnt fit with the cage or the wings.

This has led me to buy a southdown snorkel, Has anyone got any tips about fitting the snorkel through the wing as i dont think it will fit throught the two wing bars?



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That was the plan i had thought of but im now wondering whether the snorkel will fit through the gap between the two bars on the top of the wing or whether some alteration will be required.

Anybody know?

My Southdown snorkel fits between the gap in the North Offroad challenge wings.

Top half pic (with me pulling a face at the camera :P )


Bottom Half pic


If you want I should be able to do a better pic tomorrow in the daylight with the wing top or even the side off.

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