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Jerry-Can Holder Identification

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e-mail the very nice people at Landy Camper on info@landy-camper.de then ask them

Allow for the fact that this set up is not legal for fuel in Europe and the ferrys accross to Turkey/Africa/most other places won't allow it

EU legislation says no fuel to be stored in temporary containers outside the vehicle

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That is the most stupidist (is there such a word) place to store fuel. On the rack is better if you have to but to make your vehicle wider and weight unbalanced like that is plain daft.

But each to their own I suppose.

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Fair point

Stupidist is not in the OED. It may well become a word in the near future as English is the fastest growing language in the world. I quite like it as a word as it is very discriptive. But it is somewhat excessive and porrly chosen in this case

I see your point about fuel vs water (that's why I paraphrased the FUEL regs

This would unbalance your vehicle. You would be throwing in excess of 50kgs above the swage line. A big no-no. it would also be out of the body line so would effect the suspension more. IMHO there are far better ways to carry fuel and water but few that look so roughty toughty. I think that's why Sam Watson uses a similar system

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Were "stupidist" to enter the lexicon, it would likely be defined as "one who practices stupidity." Ref. pugilist, columnist, exorcist, etc.

As an alternative to "most stupid", "stupidest" follows the form of other superlatives. Ref. tallest, smartest, prettiest, etc.

"Most stupidest" would be a redundancy and grammatically incorrect, similar to most tallest, most strongest, or most loudest.


<opinionated w4nker>

Personally I don't like the side mount for cans, although they do double as security for the windows.

</opinionated w4nker>

<helpful forum guy>

The tracks the can frames mount to look like Mac's VersaTie track, sold in the UK by Mudstuff. This you may all ready know, since the picture you posted is on the Mudstuff cargo control page. Mudstuff doesn't list the gerry can holder, neither does the Mac's home website. Perhaps a call or email to Mudstuff to ask about the photo?

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OK. I'll go back and study the OED for a more appropriate word. Will come back to you with one if I can find it. But it didn't come up on the auto spell checker :rolleyes: . So it must be a word.

Even for water storage as said above it's best part of 50kg above the waist line of the car. If you balanced it out on the other side that's 100kg plus in the wrong place and would upset the balance of the car. Plus widen it by what .5/.6m.

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I think they are also supplied by front runner. as above the rails are the alu aircraft loading ones. plenty of people now sell them.

for the money another option would be an onboard tank. They can be cheaper than you may initially think.



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