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egt guage


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I think Merlin Motorsport do them, but it was just as easy to import a kit from Thermoman in Australia (although there's considerable damping in the one I have, I still have concerns that I don't see the biggest 'peaks' in temperature because of the slow response time). The unit is awkward to mount in a Defender dash but very easy to read at a glance with large, clear numbers.

Tony Cordell has the same gauge unit as me but fitted a smaller thermocouple to it - he said this improved the response but I think the crux of the problem is with the internal damping in the gauge unit itself.

Will Warne has a very "fast" unit which ought to show all transients, and neat in a 52mm round 'clock' although the gauge itself is digital and quite hard to read with small digits.

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i have a guage and probe fitted at present, the guage doesn't kick in til 700 deg though, could i stick with present probe and mismatch a different guage to it? probe is about 5mm and is fairly responsive

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Another vote for Thermoguard here...

Mine had done 20,000 miles before it was even installed :)

I am not worried about the response time on the basis that I reckon the bits I need to worry about getting too hot will take as long to heat up as the thermocouple so it is probably giving a realistic view of what the components are doing which is probably more useful to know than the temp of a bit of gas that has gone before you can say "fff" :)

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