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Rear recovery points ?

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The holes are already in the chassis, however, if you already have a towbar, most people would just use that, some people that run rtv's prefer a tow ball, as they can simply drop a strop over it and get the job done!!

In fact, i have spent all day making my own version of a towbar simply for recovery, not towing.... (pre 96 before anyone yells!) mine is quite heavyweight, and still has a towball,.....

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I have a tow pin with a ball on top. Sorry don;t know the official name. Its rated at 2 Tonne IIRC. I've been told thats not enough for recovery. Anyhow if i loose the towing capabilty i'm not fussed for the trip as it effects departure angle.

anymore for anymore........

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Don't go on expedition with a conventional tow bar arrangement, it will act like an anchor when off road in soft ground.

I went for a Southdown tank guard with recovery eye and a removable tow hitch, kill 2 'bird's' with one stone, giving HD tank guard and high level recovery.

I also have a pair of jate rings for bridal strop attachment and an alternative angle if required.

The tank guard strengthens the rear end, bolting to the chassis rails and rear cross member.

If you have a diff guard you may have to grind off a section of the tank guard to allow vertical clearance in testing conditions.

Otherwise you might end up like me with a grinder in a sand storm on your back!


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Ive got a height adjustable tow bar on the back of my 300tdi, but Id like to replace with one of these. Trouble is, my tow bar has a stabiliser bracket for towing my caravan which wont fit with the tow jaw.

So im thinking of fitting one of these above the tow bar. Should make it easy to slip a tow rope on it.

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the pin is rated at 3.5tonne as is the ball because that is the max towing allowance for a 110, the pin used with a strap would be fine for recovery that has a steady pull when the slack strap is slowly tensioned but NOT snatch/KERR recovery.

JATEs fit where the transport tiedown plates are on your chassis.

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my Dixon has a plate on it (genuine LR) and it says 2 tonne i'm nearly sure, I will check tomorrow but I also agree with removing the dixon for the trip. So its going.......i think.

I like the idea of the tank guard but they are pricey.

@ Headhunter any pictures???

Nato Hitch is a good idea....hmmm.

The easiest seems to be remove the dixon and fit some Jates. Shakedown approaching fast. Nearly as fast as the leaving for good. :o

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Just to add. The NATO hitch is specified as 4.08 tonnes, but I think it's tensile strength is around 22 tonnes (see here)

I think I worked out the strength of the four bolts as about 30 tonnes or something stupid like that.

To be honest, you'll be hard pressed to beat that for strengh vs. cost. Plus the holes are already there in the chassis, and no plough hanging down a the back of the vehicle!

This is my installation: http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2009/10/nato-hitch-rear-recovery/

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