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Do Goodyear Xtragrip need innertubes?


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jbs, i forgot to have a look when i went to check them out and the place is shut at weekends and the auction finishes on monday. i was just hoping on off chance somene might know. ill give him a ring on monday to ask him to have a look. and thats good to know crossplys arent as bad as i have heard cheers rich_p

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i am looking at a set of goodyear xtragrip 750 16 for my disco and was just wanted to know if they will need innetubes? and how bad are crossplys, i will only be putting them on to go off road.


Whilst Xtragrips were a common tyre for RTV trials on Land Rovers (70s and 80s) there are better tyres for off road only (plus a little on road to get there).

Lots of comments have been made about on road manners of different tyres, Xtragrips are OK compared to some (e.g. SATs) but I have never had a problem with either. My curent on road tyres are Xtragrip copies from Safari Engineering Ltd.

Interstingly Goodyear claim that Xtrarip tyres are non directional which is not strictly true, the tread pattern is a kind of W shape, yes they could be fitted either way round but I would not mix directions on an axle.


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cheers Phil and thanks for the in-depth info missingsid and, yer there are better tyres out there but these are going pretty cheap and I will only get them if they stay cheap as I know there not ideal. But the bank balance is pretty low at the moment and i'm impatient and want to get going offroad as i went to a pay and play day at oxley shaw and did some greenlaning on the way home and i was making a groove round the course and some parts on the lanes with my diff :( so a little more clearance is necessary.

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