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Need someone to recon my axles

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend someone not too expensive to recondition my front and rear Salisbury axles? I'm in Essex (London border), but can easily travel to the midlands, or out towards the West.

Or, is it something that I can do myself?

Many thanks in advance!

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I was informed salisbury are very expensive to overhaul. It was cheaper for me to bin the salisbury and go for TD5 axle and new prop shaft. Ring KAM diffs for second opinion!

I didn't realise that I could fit the Td5 axle to my early 110 (1984 model)....is it possible? I have front and rear td5 axles sitting in the barn, but they would also need reconditioning!

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Salisbury axles are strong, but horribly spendy parts wise, and a pig to work on vs a std axle

However a TD5 Front axle is gastly, along with the 300 series etc built to a pice, and poor spec shafts wise

these are all running the very weak 32 spline CVs better is a 90 - early 90 or 110

axle with AEU2522 CVs or early Range Rover circa 1986ish on that has the 606662 CVs and again stronger 23

spline Shafts. you may also need the radius arms with the axle

Rear axle for a 110 - you want a Late TD5 REAR axle a "Short Nose P38" unit, you wnat the entire axle and propshaft,

rest is nuts and bolts, TD5 rear is different to 90 TD5 rear.



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Hi Nige,

My apologies......

There was an emergency at work which required all available doctors to go in, so, I have been in the Netherlands until this morning. I'm really sorry that I didn't reply to you earlier.

That is great.....Great information.....thank you. I have some early (1984) 110 axles, but am not sure of the specs, and these were reconditioned a couple of years ago.....so, as suggested by you, I should use these? With the rear, I have some td5 rears from a 110 in my barn, however, they will need reconditioning, but I don't have the Td5 propshaft.

You don't know if they are difficult to recondition, do you?

Again, thank you very much indeed for the info!


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