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Speedo problems!

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can be a few things

1 speedo itself has ceased to be

2 cable square drive end at speedo or transfer box is broken

3 cable inner has snapped

4 clip at speedo end has broken 7 won't stay in place

5 drive gear in transfer box has stripped teeth or the square drive end is split

check those out before buying any new parts, this could be a good time to convert to the td5 electronic speedo.

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Hey, I have an early Td5 and ever since it went to have its roll cage fitted the speedo has bounced up and down like it was on a bounce castle.

lately it has been fine however, but after playing and 'fixing' the car it now is dead...

Could I have knocked something while in the engine bay/under the car... not sure how Td5 ones work (or even where the cables go)

any and all help would be F.A.B


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Td5 speedo is electronic, examine all the multiplug connections behind the main gauges, the speedo has a 12v ign controlled & a 12v permanent feed, the transducer on the transfer box might have been knocked, so check that for damage & it's plug for security.

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