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Disco 2: getting rid of whirring noise alongside steering column


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A rather annoying but inconsequent issue that sooner or later comes up in Discos series 2 (either V8 or S5): on moving the starter switch to position "II" a vibrating sort of whirling noise comes from aside the steering column.

The trouble lies with the in-car temperature sensor (ICTS) mounted behind the grills, comprised by a small blower which draws air over a thermistor.

The blower is powered by a tiny brushless type electrical motor which has no bearings and tends to get clogged up with dust, hair, lint, etc.

Here's how to work this problem out.

1- ICTS (behind grills) next to steering column of LHD Disco (RHD is perfectly symmetrical)


2- Access the main fuse box by removing the fixings and opening the cover underneath the steering column


3- Locate the ICTS assembly, unbend the loom retainer attached to the motor, pull the connector out and disconnect it








4- Undo the two screws holding the ICTS against the panel -- takes a bit of patience -- a small hex drive ratcheting wrench was perfect for this job:


5- The ICTS as it came out, and after being cleaned out:



6- Undo the two screws, beware of falling nuts as they are not captive, and open up the motor:



7- Thorougly clean the impellers shaft (both sides) as well as where it seats in within both the cover and stator:


8- Smear with a small quantity of light, thin, low friction grease. Do not over grease or use anything too sticky as the motor has very little force and it would prevent the impeller from rotating. I used the teflon grease that regularly apply to my mountain bikes bearings:



9- Reassemble blower motor, connect to loop and screw back in place.

10- Turn key to switch position II and enjoy the silence!

Total time for this job: 30 mins



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