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Disco 1 300 Tdi Alarm/immobilizer/FOB: My frustration and jubilation


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For months on end I have been battling with the alarm/immobilizer/twin button remote controller (FOB). The system was totally irratic, sometimes working perfectly, other times forcing me to "hot wire" the Tdi to get going, but never a problem on the run, only when locking or unlocking with the FOB.

I changed batteries, re-soldered both FOB's circuit boards. Due to time constraints I never got around to taking out the spider to check the circuit board for dry joints.

The problem got so bad that the actual Claxon (sounder) burned out from repetitive operation. So, today I decided, enough is enough. I printed the Rave sections on the alarm/immodilzer and started to prepare myself for the job.

I read that if the drivers door switch, or the bonnet switchc is activated the system will not arm properly........

So just as a last resort I opened the bonnet and while holding the bonnet switch in, pressed the lock button on the FOB.....and it worked, from a distance........I let go and the alarm was activated, I could de-activate the alarm from the same distance, up to now I had to press the FOB against the antenna to get a response. Closer inspection showed that the actual plate on which the bonnet switch was mounted, was bent down slightly. I rectified that, and installed an electronic warbler in place of the alarm hooter.

Stood back one and a half meter from the Disco, pressed the FOB, and it worked, pressed to open/disarm, and it worked. Not quite trusting this, I did it a couple of times, and it is still working!

I allready had the Disco booked in to replace the FOB (new FOB +/- R900.00), and re-syncrinize the FOB with the system (another couple of hundred)..........

So I closed the garage, poured myself a stiff shot of my Johnnie Walker Brack Label 12 Year Old........and relaxed.

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Well the jubilation was short lived, the whole system started playing up again. I then found out that the RSA Land Rovers uses the 433 MHz system, mine has the 315 MHz system. The last straw was last week Thursday evening, having parked near over head power lines, no response, and it rained; I had to hot wire in the rain, got home 4 hours later than planned and............

Made some phone calls, the 433 MHz FOB's are available directly from Land Rover South Africa, or via the non LR Specialists via Land Rover SA at =/- RR850 each, and a new ECU operating on 433 MHz at R 3000 from LRSA, or a unit stripped from a Disco 1 at R 1250.00.

I opted for the used ECU and new FOB's. The spider was faulty, and I had the Land Rover bridge piece installed, and at last.....I can now park any place, near cell phone masts, power lines, satelite yards......the doors opens and closes with the press of the FOB one meter away from the Disco. I still have the full alarm system, but not the imobilizer, which in my opinion was not worth much seeing that it could be hot wired.

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