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range rover classic rear wing removal


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first of all i am new here so hi every one. i have just brought another rangie after a year without one and its nice to drive one again :) its a 1995 classic soft dash with a non existant rear crossmember lol i have done several of these before but i took the carpets out today as the front ones were dripping wet and the rears were damp and the rear floor is shot to but this isnt important as im replacing it with an ally one but what i need to know is how do the rear wings come off as they dont apear to have the rivets near the rear lights as the old ones did? also is there any other dirrerances that would be handy to know? also any one got any ideas why the front carpets are so wet? i pulled the a/c drains of and nothing there it had a new screen recently though any ideas?

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Rear wings will be screwed on from the inside - you need to pull the trim in the boot out and you should see a collection of large cross head screws.

The rear quarter panels with the light cluster have pop rivets on the face adjacent to the lower tailgate. You need to drill them out.

Also, IIRC, in the rear wheel arch the mud flap bracket needs to be detached, can't remember how - probably a mass of rusty metal by now!

This is all from memory as my RRC is long gone :(. Hopefully I haven't led you too far astray......

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Mudd flap bracket might have rusted away, the rear corenrs should as you say be rivetted and the 2 m10 bolts under the wheelarch go through a slot in the panel so don't need fully unscrewing.

You have to lift the wing out backwards to unhook it from the C pillar and don't foget the petrol flap wiring on the RHS.

Oh yes, the fuel filler is a B'tard, don't try and remove it, take the pipe off with the wing.

You might like to remove the tail lights first to lighten them too, and obvioulsy the bumper will be off. The wings might be sealed to the bottom of the window rail.

When you refit them you really need to seal all the screw holes or kiss goodby to the boot floor, which BTW is made of cheese of the softie, you might be putting in an ali floor but the outer edges will still need some work.

Wet carpets? remove the glove box ( 4 screws at the bottom then wriggle out the levers either side) and look up at the A post, it will probably be crusty ahead of the A post corresponding to the top of the wing rail, if not all the way down the front edge of the A post. this rapidly leads to rotten sills.

If that looks solid then the bonnet hinges can also rust, water runs off the bonnet into the rail behind it at the front of the deck panel. The hinges come through here and water runs intot he hinge well, it should then just run out under the ends of the deck but the hinge well rusts through above the steering column. You can prove this by closing off the well with tape. I fitted mine with from seal from a caravan suppliers.

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