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boggers tyre size


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1st) really sorry. i know there are loads of threads about tyres, but i couldnt find the answer

2nd) after some boggers (Interco Super Swamper Tyres or same tread pattern) but after 35inch. I can find 10.5wide, but I would like some a little wider, 11.5/12.5 would be spot on!!! any idea if they are made/who imports them as google is naff and only bringing up USA sites. Also, idea on cost? oh and have to be 16inch rims...

Many thanks


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OK, where to start....

Well, firstly Elbekko is spot on, thats the only sizes Interco do in 35's.

However, boggers generally measure up undersize, so you need to take that into consideration - my 35's only came up at 33" when on the truck.

Your best bet, and by far the most popular UK size, is 37x13, available as a 15" and 16". Mine measure up at 35.5" x 12.50" on the truck. You more than welcome to have a look/prod at mine if that helps.

But, and its a big but, boggers are like rocking horse poo at the moment. Interco has suspended production whilst they modify their manufacturing process so there's very few new ones in the system. The guy at Super Swamper Europe in Holland is very helpful but you'll get the same answer as everyone else - new stock expected Autumn 2011 at the earliest.

Hope that helps!


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right, well im not after any NOW, but i think its next on the list...

Ross, thats SO annoying about size. Im doing the LRS challenge, so can only run 35's max. if it says 37 on the side, they wont be ok even if they are only 35 high...

and if the 35s are only 33 in real life, i might as well stick with my 285/75 insa's....

If i have big tyres, i woul run with beadlocks and low pressure so they would stand smaller anyway...

and finaly, 14.4 is maybe a little too wide, not sure what turning circle would be like as with my 285s on (11.5inch wide i think) its poo even tho i run 30mm spacers and mach 5s with a bid offset...

hmmmm, given me lots to think about. Thanks

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oooooo, interesting... No offence, but I HATE you Dan... if i can get away with it I think im gona have a big bill again... :P haha


well that was uncalled for :lol:

spoken to simon earlier and its the same for this year tyre wise, so im fine again with no issues :)

so room for thought there for you :)

see you at round one ( assuming you have entered as its all booked up now )


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