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Electrical type question-lighting circuit


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I have custom build wiring loom for my vehicle, which combines Part Land Rover Discovery, Acewell and Megasquirt wiring diagrams

I have a problem which I can not fathom, but think I have a short circuit on the column switch or something else but I cant find it, anywhere.

The problem, (its only small!)

The main beam dash indicator light is dimly lit when the dipped beam switch is on. With the dipped beam switch on there is 5.3v on the wire to the dash light. This is enough to light the bulb. When the main beam switched on there is 9.4v on this wire, which lights the dash light brilliantly.

I think there is a short in the discovery steering wheel switch, however is there a cheaper alternative than having to purchase a new column switch? Is there a electrical device which only allows current to flow if the voltage is above 9v??

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Because its a custom built i dont have the dip dim unit that is normally fitted to the discovery. Hence why I am looking for something to assist. I have read posts where the dip dim unit has been bypassed, but that seems that it indicates that the main and dip remain on when the main beam switch is on. This is something that I cant have. (IVA reasons!!!!)

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although i think i can do this with a series of resistors, it may work?????

You may dim the light enough not to notice, but a handfull of resistors is not going to fix the actual problem. Given that you're IVA'ing it it seems a bit arse-about-face to want to bodge the electrics. Last I looked your car will fail an IVA if it's too on fire.

It can't be that hard to buzz out the light switch, work out what connects to what and then wire it up properly.

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I just wanted to post the conclusion to this as its annoying when searching topics only to not find out the outcome. I doubt that the conclusion will help any body though as you would have to be stupid to do this!!

Anyway, the problem is from when I connected the headlights up 8 years ago. They only operated on 2 switches for main and dip. I am now using H4 bulbs and a discovery stalk so that I can get through an IVA. The headlights have never been used! The problem was I had wired up the connector to the bulb incorrectly!!!

4 discovery stalks later and the eureka moment happened this morning at 10:15. Very happy now!

Sorry for the waste of your time and should have checked the basics first! but 8 years ago is a long time to forget!! :)

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