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Southdown Snorkel


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Looking for some help with a southdown snorkel on a Range Rover Classic. I haven't got the instructions or template, so called Southdown yesterday and they sad to fit the brackets then turn the pipe round (ie bent end up) and just mark the scuttle.

The problem is that the line that the snorkel is taking means that it is not going through the top of thr scuttle as shown on southdowns website, but half through the top and also the side. (I will try to attach a photo) Do I just bend the brakets or am I missing something?

Also once it is fitted which way does the bend go?


post-26850-032675400 1294585868_thumb.jpg

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That's exactly how mine sits, though I have a roll cage in the way as well.... You do remove some from the side of the scuttle, though the snorkel doesn't stick out any further than the edge of the scuttle once fitted up.

I used a hole saw and a hand file to open it up, though it will be a lot bigger than you expect it to be!

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