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New thermostat


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Yup, really annoying.... even managed to clamp the stat between the flanges once, making it a) weep and b) run the engine cool.

As above, a bit of sealant does help, but it will always be a pain to do.

Make sure you use a good or genuine thermostat, they need the 'jiggle pin' in them to bleed properly, and this should be at the top of the housing.

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I guessed i may need some sort of sealant/adhesive to hold the stat in place- thanks for the confirmation!

Do you think the guys in the factory had to look around for the end of a tube of some sort of adhesive to stick the stats in??!! :rolleyes::D

I have the genuine stat and have not managed to tighten up the housing without the stat slipping out. Picked up 3 new gaskets yesterday in case it takes a few more tries.

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I'm guessing in the factory it would have been much easier fitting it to the engine without having to tip toe over the front grill, get your hand down the back of the dizzy whilst holding it in place with one finger whilst another finger holds the gasket, then another finger holds the housing in place as the other hand try's to screw in the bolts. :D

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