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Head Locating Dowels


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In the process of changing the head gasket on my 2L diesel Freelander. Have had the head tested, skimmed, valves and seats recut so head is ready to go.

Was going to refit yesterday but discovered the locating dowels for the head are plastic. Seem to remember hearing/seeing/reading somewhere that these were replaced on later models with steel ones, but there was nothing in the headset.

So does anyone know if later dowels were steel not plastic

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Now have the lowdown on plastic and steel dowels.

Rover used to use steel dowels on all of their engines but ran into trouble as they could sieze to the head due to dissimilar corrosion.

To fix this they went to plastic dowels however ran into problems on the K series and TD5 in that the head could shift if it overheated and returned to steel dowels.

Seeing as my plastic dowels were shot and couldn't get any I have fitted the steel dowels from a TD5 lump. Turns out the original plastic dowels from the TD5 and L series are the same so the steel dowels are a straight swap

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