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Transfer box wear


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I'm doing up a transfer box at the moment and whilst cleaning up the output shaft I noticed that the low speed gear, the large straight cut gear that slides on the output shaft to engage low box, has a large degree of play on the shaft, it can be tilted/twisted latterly by a significant amount. I'd say that at the outer rim of the cog could be deflected by 1.5 to 2mm.

It may be relevant but there was a large degree of wear on the intermediate shaft, too, which I am replacing.

Is this normal, or is it new shaft/ cog time?



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Never mind:

1 RC157


25 Renew any components which show

obvious wear or damage. Check the

condition of the shaft splines for the

low gear wheel, it is important that the

spline corners are not worn.

Note that the low gear wheel is a loose

fit on the shaft, this allows the gear to

tilt in operation, causing the spline

edges at the annular groove to bite on

the splines of the low speed gear,

locking it in position. Examine the

sleeve of the output flange for damage

which could cause failure of the oil.

From the series 3 WSM

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