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Where has all my oil gone?

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Hi guys,

I have recently put my Wolf 110 on the road after a lenghty rebuild. The engine was pulled out and put straight back into the new chassis. After changing the Fuel Injector pump (old one was cracked) I have done no more than renew all the timing belt and pullies, change to oil and replace the breather hose that goes from the block to the head as it was cracked.

Ever since getting the thing on the road the turbo is noisy. At full chat you cant hear the engine above the turbo so I know its knackered.

The engine has alway run abit on the hot side (needle is at about the 2 oclock position as apposed to the 12 oclock position on my other 110 wolf) but as the turbo was knackered, and the needle never moves any further into the red I just thought it maybe my turbo generating the extra heat.

Yesterday I went on a journey of approx 100 miles, and at my destinatation the engine sounded rather noisy at idle so checked the fluids and founds it has used a little water and alot (almost all) the oil.

Is it possible that the turbo has leaked the oil passed the seals and the engine has then burnt it? Is the above wishful thinking, in which case should I be looking to take the head off and replace the head gasket/check the head for cracks or warps?

Any other thoughts.

Where is a good place to get a turbo to replace my noisy one?


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