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New shocks needed?

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I have a 2005 Landrover County Station Wagon (2.5 liter diesel) with 65,000 km on the clock from new. Perhaps one quarter of this distance has been on unmade roads –some quite rough and rocky but some no more than unmade, so sometimes a bit bumpy. I’ve treated the vehicle quite kindly and so far, suspension-wise, have needed to replace one shock absorber bush.

I’m about to leave on an overland trip which might last for a further 50,000 km.

Here’s my question. I’m wondering whether to replace all shock absorbers now rather than have a problem in the proverbial back of beyond somewhere, with a vehicle that will be carrying a full load and potentially on all kinds of roads.

Peace of mind is more important than cost but I don’t want to be extravagant, to throw money away unnecessarily. ** I don’t know hpw long I should expect the shocks to last. Should I replace now or wait?

Please advise.

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I would replace them now, you can always take the old ones with you for spares if you felt the need, depending on what you can get on Oman I would go for something made for overland trips and would also go for something a little bit more heavy duty if you are going to be taking a lot of kit on your trip.

When I changed mine I went for open turrets on the front to make like easier keeping them in good condition, if you are changing them it may also be time to check your bushes and replace anything that is required before your trip.


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I would renew them now in the nice confines of the workshop rather than out there in the middle of nowhere. As said it may well be worth looking to upgrade to a heavy duty overland version with a larger piston rod diameter and a greater oil capacity to cope with the extra demands of the environment that I am assuming is not going to be great for cooling. It may also be a good time to renew any bushes that are looking suspect and larger service items like your A-frame joint that require a press.

For replacement shocks I would say to look at OME (Often a first choice) or the newer big bore terrafirma units that are getting a good write up. That depends on your support in Oman though.



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