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8274 brush problem


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When I bought my 8274 I noticed the A terminal was badly corroded and the thread a bit mangled, I cleaned it up and made sure it didn't spin in the motor housing (already had the problem on my old winch) This weekend it became a bit tempermental so stripped it last night, new gears, new main shaft all looking good. The A terminal had spun though and it looks as though the PO had a job removing the nut to take the cable off. Either way the two wires from the A terminal to the brush are cut through and the brushes not that old either, in fact they have very little wear. :(

Can this be fixed with some solder and carefully re-wrapping the wires, or is it time to cough up some more ££££ this week and get the parts? :(

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I would suggest getting a brush pack for it, at a challenge Mocha and I had a similar problem and as we were in a field we managed to bodge it back together, however it must have been shorting/getting hot and this was the result

EDIT: Although if you have time and you may be able to do a proper repair

post-21198-052147000 1294745338_thumb.jpg

post-21198-034760500 1294745347_thumb.jpg

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