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Swivel Boots


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I'm sure I've seen similar on a LR in the past, not sure which one though.

I would be slighty concerned by the fact that you have to glue them together at the seam. If the joint is not 100% clean when you aply their "bonding agent" the joint is going to fail sooner or later. and, once it does fail, you then have a nice device for holding moisture / crud against the swivels. And, as we are all very much aware, keeping things clean while working under a LR is not the easiest of tasks. Unless, of course, you have access to a steam cleaner and a nice, warm, dry workshop.

Just my two penneth worth.

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The military fitted leather gaiters for a while, my 110 still had them on when I got it.

As long as they're sealed they seem to be fine, but if they get any holes then they'll just hold the dirty / water etc.

Personally I wouldn't bother, at least without you can keep an eye on the swivels condition.

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Only used leather boots before, they were laced up so not quite the same but two issues.

One, they held the mud in very well. Suspended sand would normaly wash away but with boots it gets trapped, the water runs out leaving the sand.

Two, they got caught in the steering stops and reduced the turning circle.

Never again.


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My brand new swivles started to rust because of stone chips, if you could sheild the swivle form new against grit and small stones/debris then they would last much longer.

I've also seen similar fitted, both leather and rubber, with mixed results. It's a bit like the rubbers on proComp shocks, you could argue either way. The glued joint relies on your skill too, though if done properly isn't that big an issue (it's done on some CV boots too).

If they are already pitted I wouldn't bother, they will just make things worse. If the swivles are brand new then they may help.

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