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is it worth it


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Just about to replace my turbo and do a decoke on my 300tdi disco.

Is it worth me doing the rings and bigend bearing on the conrods. My disco has done 155,000 is it worth me doing the rings and bigend bearings? I would just fit standard size rings and bearings. Money is tight so i cant afford a rebore. All advice is welcome. Head is all ready off after decoke

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I had a big problem with my 300Tdi engine at 160k kms (100k miles) caused by the dreaded K&N filter which didn't. I honed the bores to get most of the wear out and changed the rings and big-end bearings. I also had the head 'done' which involved new guides, exhaust valves, refaced inlet valves and one new valve spring. My engine has now done 290k kms and still starts easily and runs well.

And I now use paper filters which filter.

So yes, go ahead - don't forget to hone the bores so that the rings can bed in.

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